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Research Center for Information Law (FIR-HSG)

Library of the University of St.Gallen


The FIR-HSG is an international network for researchers who are occupied with scientific questions arising from technological advances in information and communication processes.

Taking an information law approach, the research center’s members examine interdisciplinary phenomena within the field of society, technology, markets and law.


Conference "Law and robotics"

Prof. Dr. Isabelle Wildhaber and Prof. Dr. Melinda Lohmann organize the Conference "Law and robotics"


The FIR members regularly publish the results of their work in scientific journals as well as in their own publication series called „Studien zu Information, Kommunikation, Medien und Recht“ („Stuides on Information, Communication, Media and Law“).

For an overview of the articles and publications click here.

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Research Center for Information Law
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